Stacked Dishes
MATERIALS: 1 egg carton, cardboard, rope, scissors
1. Cut the bottom cups off of an egg carton. Then poke holes in the bottoms of them.
2. Cut several rectangles (or any shape) of cardboard. Size doesn't matter, but I recommend about 3" x 5". Make the cardboard pieces different sizes and shapes. Poke holes in the middle of the pieces of cardboard.
3. Cut a piece of rope about 2 feet long, and tie a knot in one end of it. This rope can be shortened or lengthened depending on how big you want the toy. Then string on one of the egg carton parts and one of the pieces of cardboard. Tie another knot and repeat the process until the toy is as big as you want it. Then use the top part of the rope to tie the toy to the cage.