Homemade Rabbit Toys
Bunnies love to play!
Does your rabbit chew or climb on your furniture? Or rip up your carpet? Or chew wires? It may seem strange, but the solution to a happy house rabbit is toys. Although all rabbits chew, and especially baby rabbits tend to chew execcively, many people think their rabbits "are just chewers" or "have a chewing issue," when often the only issue is that their bunny is bored. A bored bunny is a destructive bunny. Believe it or not, rabbits love to play. They throw things around, chew, dig, and explore. Provide things your bunny is allowed to chew and climb on, and it will play with these, rather than your rug, furniture, or whatever else your bunny may enjoy destroying. Toys are expensive, though, and they are often destroyed quite quickly. That's why people make their own toys. Here are some fun ideas to keep your bunny entertained.
To make the toys on this site, all you need is some bunny-safe rope, cardboard, and paper.