Hanging Buffet
MATERIALS: 1 egg carton, rope, scissors
1. Cut the bottom cup pieces of the egg carton out so that you have some little cups. Using scissors, cut holes in the bottom of the cups. This toy can also be made with paper cups or any other sort of cup. Just make sure whatever you use is bird-safe.
2. Cut a piece of rope about 1 foot long. You can make this rope longer or shorter to make the toy bigger or smaller. A foot of rope makes the toy about 6" long.
3. Tie a knot in the bottom of the piece of rope. Then string one of the cups onto the rope. Tie another knot about an inch above the cup and string another cup onto the rope. Continue doing this until most the rope has cups strung onto it.
4. Tie the top part of the rope to the cage bars to hang the toy. Then put small treats such as pieces of your bunny's favorite fruits and veggies into the cups for your bun to discover.
* This is a great toy for birds too!