Knots n' Cardboard
MATERIALS: cardboard, rope
1. Cut three pieces of cardboard, one about 3" x 5" and the other two about 2" x 1". Poke holes in the center of each piece, and on the larger piece cut two extra holes in two of the corners.
2. Cut three pieces of rope, one about 12" long and the other two about 6" long. Thread the two shorter pieces through the holes in the corners of the larger piece of cardboard and tie knots on either side of the cardboard. Do the same with the larger piece in the middle hole.
3. Thread the smaller pieces of cardboard onto the middle rope on either side of the big piece of cardboard. Then tie knots on the other side of the small pieces of cardboard so they are secured.
* This is also a good toys for large birds, but a bit to heavy for smaller ones.