Scientific Name: Psaltriparus minimus

Description/field marks: Bushtits are tiny birds, and they are only about two to four 1/2 inches long.They are very plain looking. Bushtits are gray-brown all over. Female Bushtits have light cream colored eyes, and the males have dark eyes.

Habitat: Bushtits live in mixed coniferous and deciduous woodlands, suburban areas,  city parks, pastures, orchards, wetlands, and scrubby areas.

Diet: Bushtits eat mainly insects and spiders, but also eat some berries and seeds.

Nesting: A Bushtit nest is truly a work of art. It is  gourd shaped, and 6 to 12 inches long. On the side at the top there is a circular entrance hole. The nest is woven of spider webs, moss, lichen, and other plant material. It is lined with down, feathers, and fur. There are four to ten white and smooth eggs.

Sound: The Bushtit’s call is a squeaky flute-like spre-e-e call.

Behavior: Bushtits travel in large flocks of about 10 to 20 birds, and they are very acrobatic when they forage.

How To Attract: To attract Bushtits with food put up a suet feeder, and Bushtits will readily come.

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