Mourning Dove

Scientific name: Zenaida macroura

Habitat/sound: Mourning Doves are common across most of North America. They mainly live in open country with scattered trees. Mourning Doves are also common in suburban habitats. If you listen you will probably be able to hear the soft mournful coo that Mourning Doves make.

Diet: Mourning Doves eat mostly seeds. In fact, 99% of their diet consists of seeds. They eat cultivated grain, peanuts, grasses, weeds, herbs, and sometimes berries. Mourning Doves also sometimes eat snails.

Nesting: The nest is made of pine needles, twigs, and grass stems. It is about 8 inches across. Mourning Doves lay only 2 eggs, but they can have up to six broods a year. Incubation lasts for 14 days. Mourning Doves don’t mind nesting near people–they may nest in gutters, eves, or unused equipment.

Description/field marks: Mourning Doves are about 12 inches long. They are brown, with black spots on the lower wings. There is a solitary black spot on its slender neck. Mourning Doves have small heads, and a white eye-ring. The eyes are black. Mourning Doves have long tails ending in points,and the bill is black.

MOurning Dove

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