Violet-Green Swallow

Scientific Name: Tachycineta thalassina

Nesting: The Violet-Green Swallow is a cavity nester. It places its nest in a cavity in cliffs,  old woodpecker holes, buildings , or nest boxes. The nest is made from grass, small twigs, straw, rootlets, and it is lined with feathers. 4-6 eggs are incubated by the female for 14-15 days.

Diet: Violet-Green Swallows eat almost only flying insects. The insects they eat include leaf hoppers, leaf bugs, ants, wasps, wild bees, and beetles. They eat and drink while flying.

Habitat: The Violet-Green Swallow can be found in a variety of places. During migration they are often seen near water. Violet-Green Swallows live in young forests, clearcuts, prairies, wetlands, lakes, and forest edges.

Description/field marks: As the name suggests, Violet-Green Swallows are violet and green. The two colors that aren’t mentioned are the grayish-brown on the wings, and the white on the underside and cheeks.Violet-Green Swallows have a patch of violet on the rump, and a small strip of white right above it. They have emerald green on the back and head.

How to attract: To attract Violet-Green Swallows, put out a nest box. You can buy one at a wild bird shop, or you can make one yourself.(It’s a lot cheaper to build one!)

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