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Red-tailed Hawk

Scientific Name: Buleo jamaicensis Diet: The Red-Tailed Hawk eats mostly small rodents including mice, rats, and voles. They also eat birds such as blackbirds, bobwhite, pheasants, and starlings, and reptiles, rabbits, squirrels, and occasionally fish and big insects are taken … Continue reading

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Suet Feeders

Suet feeders are a good way to attract woodpeckers, chickadees, Bushtits, and other birds to your back yard. Suet has a lot of fat in it, and many birds like it because it keeps them warm. You can purchase suet … Continue reading

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Red-Winged Blackbird

Scientific Name: Agelaius phoeniceus Diet: Red-Winged Blackbirds are omnivores. They eat mostly seeds and insects, and They eat more insects in summer and more seeds in winter. About 75% of the Red-Winged Blackbird’s diet is seeds. They also eat mollusks, … Continue reading

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Scientific Name: Bucephala albeola Diet: Buffleheads eat more insects, insect larvae, and invertebrates in summer, and they eat more crustaceans in winter. Specifically, they eat clams, shrimp, snails, mollusks, damselfly larvae, caddis fly larvae, mayfly larvae, and other bug larvae. … Continue reading

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Canada Goose

Scientific Name: Branta Canadensis Diet: Canada Geese eat a variety of aquatic plants, and they also eat seeds, berries, grass, and grain. Also, they eat skunk cabbage, eel grass, clover, wheat, corn, and oats. Habitat: Canada Geese can be found … Continue reading

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American Goldfinch

Scientific Name: Caruelis tristis Diet: The American Goldfinch eats almost entirely seeds. They eat seeds from grass and weeds and trees. The seeds they eat from grass and weeds include sunflower, thistle, dandelion, and ragweed, and some trees they eat … Continue reading

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Feather Diagram

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White-Crowned Sparrow

Scientific Name: Zonotrichia leucophrys Diet: White-Crowned Sparrow eats seeds, bugs, fruit, and grains. They eat a variety of bugs including spiders, wasps, bees, beetles, and caterpillars. They also eat elderberries and blackberries for fruit, and barley and corn for grains. … Continue reading

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Hooded Merganser

Scientific Name: Lophodytes cucullatus Diet: The Hooded Merganser eats small fish,  aquatic insects, some aquatic plants, frogs, insect larvae, and crustaceans,particularly crayfish. Habitat: Hooded Mergansers live in wetlands. In the winter they can be found in coastal bays, marshes, and … Continue reading

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Northern Mockingbird

Scientific Name: Mimus polyglottos Habitat: The Northern Mockingbird lives in farmland, forest edges, suburban areas, city parks, and anywhere there is open county with some thickets. Diet: Northern Mockingbirds are omnivores. They eat mainly insects during the summer, and they … Continue reading

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