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Cliff Swallow

Scientific Name: Petrochelidon Pyrrhonota Diet: Cliff Swallows feed almost exclusively on flying insects, which they catch on the wing. Habitat: Cliff Swallows inhabit open areas with cliffs or buildings nearby. These places include farmlands, parks, prairies, and wetlands. On migration … Continue reading

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Barn Swallow

Scientific Name: Hirundo rustica Behavior: Barn Swallows often fly low to the ground, and they catch insects while flying. Habitat: Barn Swallows live in open areas with good nesting sites where they can forage for insects, particularly where there is … Continue reading

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Violet-Green Swallow

Scientific Name: Tachycineta thalassina Nesting: The Violet-Green Swallow is a cavity nester. It places its nest in a cavity in cliffs,  old woodpecker holes, buildings , or nest boxes. The nest is made from grass, small twigs, straw, rootlets, and … Continue reading

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